Top Bikes in the Affordable Premium Segment

Almost every boy grows up with the dream of buying a bike when he is old enough to ride it. They never miss a chance to gaze at a bike of their dream and to fantasize a ride on it. Such is the romance with biking that one of the first automobiles they buy in their lifetime could be a motorbike. However, when it comes to making dreams a reality, many would realize that the bike of their dreams remains that – a dream. This is because those bikes could be way above his humble budget.

But, does that mean he should give up the dream altogether? No, because there are plenty of options available. Here is a list of few affordable premium bikes, which could well turn out to be the bike of your dreams. These bikes satisfy your fantasies where speed, style and attention, but at an affordable cost.

KTM Duke 390

KTM Duke 390 is one of the top most choices of youngsters in the affordable premium range. Doing wheelies on this mean machine is a dream comes true moment for most youngsters. Priced at INR 183316, the Duke offers features like ABS, Modeler Sported M5 tires and Byre calipers among others, making it a favorite of the buyers.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

The Kawasaki Ninja brings a nostalgic feel with it – as one cannot help remembering the old favorite, Yamaha RD 250, on seeing it. Powered by a 296cc engine the Ninja is a refined version of its predecessor, the 250 R. Though it does not offer the brute power of either Yamaha RD 250 or the 250 R, the Ninja 300 is a good choice altogether. However, priced at INR 338697, this beast could lose out to the Duke 390, as the latter is more powerful and less costly.

Hyosung GT 250 R

Powered by a 249-cc engine, this bike is a good package as a whole because it some with double discs and twin projector headlights at the front. This Korean bike comes with five speed gears. For a price tag of INR 276000, this bike can be a good buy, but for its Japanese competitors.

Royal Enfield Continental GT

Powered by a 535-cc engine, this dream machine thunders along the road, effortlessly stealing the hearts of admirers, as it offers a fresh look. The look and feel of the bike is very premium, and Continental GT offers you one of the most comfortable rides ever. Priced at an attractive tag of INR 188000, the Continental GT is sure to find a place in the hearts and homes of people.

With these bikes, around, buying the dream bike need not be a faraway dream anymore. For more information on new cars & bikes log on to &

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