Top 5 Motorcycle Jackets

Top 5 Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jacket
This is one of the most important accessories owned by a motorcycle rider. The jacket is compulsory and should be worn regularly since when riding a bike the wind that travels against the bike speed due to the resistance is very vigorous. The jackets are designed to be heavy and more resistant to the extreme cold conditions due to riding. The best motorbike jackets motorcycle jackets are majorly renowned to be made out of either leather textile made jackets. The jackets have become common having caught the eye of the fashion world. In the recent time, the jackets that were once used in the aviation industry only and transmitted into the motorcycle world are now dressed fashionably.
Some of the best motorbike jackets include;

Top 5 Motorcycle Jackets

Milwaukee Leather jacket
The black shiny leather jacket is pleasant by just taking a glimpse and can be termed very fashionable. The jacket is made in a police style design; cowhide material in the inside, very thick and heavy and tough in the hands region to enhance safety and comfort of the rider. The stitches are very tough and the zippers very solid hence very evident that the producer did a great job to enhance confidence in the rider. The jacket does not soak wet in the rain and features four well zipped pockets and removable sleeves in case of hot weather. The inner layer is also removable so as to regulate temperatures as the jacket can cause a lot of heat in times of summer due to its construction pattern and material choice.

Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Riding jacket
The jacket is one of the best designed motorbike jackets consisting of two large bold looking zippers on both sides of the main zip. The two zips open up into two large pockets that can be essential to a rider who wants to carry their stuff. The jacket is waterproof hence does not allow you to get soaked wet when riding in the rain. The jacket also consists of strategically located ventilation holes and external thermal lining that act as thermo regulators by allowing for free flow of air especially in the summer season.

Alpinestars Viper Air Motorbike jacket
The Alpinestars jackets is a great masterpiece with a fabulous blend of pattern, design, safety and even offer the best comfort. The sleek jacket is very fashionable due to its pleasant appearance and is made with tough armour in the shoulder and elbow region. The jacket has inbuilt padding both in the chest and the back to absorb the wind resistance hence enhances comfort. The materials used to make the jacket are finely chosen as everything is waterproof and abrasion resistant and also has mesh panels that help in regulating the internal temperature.

Tourmaster Transition Series 4 Motorcycle Touring Jacket
This is a superb motorbike jacket that is worth of its value. It has a unique design and very pleasant colour options that are really radiant. The jacket consists of thermal liners that are removable and pipeline vents that help in thermal regulation while riding in hot weather. The jacket fabric is waterproof has shoulder and elbow armours. Due to availability in a number of colours, you can make a choice that’s suits you or matches with the colour of your bike.

Andes V2 Drystar jackets
This is one of the best motorcycle jackets as it consists of everything a motorcycle rider would like to have in their jacket. The jacket exists in varied colours and sizes with waist straps that can be adjusted to fit well. The jacket can be used in all weather conditions due to its features such as ventilation holes that help regulate heat in hot weather and has zippers that are waterproof and very durable.

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