Role & Responsibilities of Associate Attorney

Associate Attorneys work under the supervision of experienced attorneys in handling multiple clients, which involves a lot of duties and responsibilities. Associate Attorneys work in law firms to provide assistance and support in performing research on legal cases and managing several other tasks of their senior colleagues.

The duties and responsibilities that an associate attorney is expected to perform include actively taking part in the client meetings and understanding their issues to solve cases, preparing for the trials, hearings and taking part in the legal processes; organizing a complete research to collect all the required information and data relevant to the case, gathering evidences to present them during the court sessions, helping the attorney to prepare and draft different legal documents and reports, maintaining, updating and keeping a check on the important legal documents as per the needs; assisting in the preparation of various agreements, filing tax returns, scanning legal documents, keeping a corporate database, calculation of the taxes and suggesting tax strategies for businesses. An associate attorney has to make use of different computer applications and programs to prepare and update legal presentations and correspondences. He also has to communicate with the clients effectively to schedule meetings, calls, conferences and generate reports to present during meetings with them. Every law firm desires an associate attorney who has an ability to understand complex cases and relate them with the applicable laws, demonstrate great organizational and time management skills, has a keen eye for details, possess good research abilities and thorough knowledge of the recent developments in the legal profession, proficient in using technology for documentation purposes and have excellent communication skills for developing trust with the clients.

The job hours differs from company to company. However, associate attorneys are expected to work for forty to forty five hours per week and they may have to work under pressure to meet the deadlines at certain times. They may also have to travel occasionally for client meetings and discussions. The remuneration or salary varies depending on the academic background, skills, related past work experience, location and size of the law firm. The career growth for associate attorney is quite bright as there are plenty of opportunities to get promoted to higher positions within the firm or other firms. However, one needs to be excellent in academics and get relevant work experience to survive in the stiff competition.

If you are looking for a law firm that will appreciate your knowledge, abilities and recognize your talent, you should definitely go through Adam S. Kutner & Associates Employment opportunity for Associate Attorney. Candidates interested to apply for Associate Attorney position must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, know-how of MS outlook, word, excel; ability to work under pressure, excellence in client servicing and comfortable to work in a flexible schedule. The full-time job requires the candidates to have one year management experience, one year personal injury law practice experience, license or certification in NV State Bar Attorney.

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