How To Know If A Helmet Fits Properly

Helmet Fits Properly

If you are someone who owns and rides a motorcycle, two things are important. The first is having the necessary motorcycle spares available so that you can maintain your bike (Fowlers Parts). The second, as a rider, is wearing the right equipment. Most agree that when riding a motorcycle, wearing a helmet is essential. Apart from being the law, it can also mean the difference between life and death. If you’re choosing your first helmet, you may be wondering how you know if it will fit properly.

Helmet Fits Properly

Why the need?
No two heads or motorcycle helmets are the same. Because of this, making sure that your motorcycle helmet fits correctly is essential. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, a helmet that fits you properly will ensure that you have the best protection, should you be involved in a crash. The second is that if it fits properly, it will be more comfortable for you and allow you to maintain concentration.

What to look for?
Just as you would want to have the right motorcycle spares for your bike, you also want to have the right helmet. To know if your helmet will fit you, there are things you can look for and do that will help.

1. Measure your head. Using a tape measure, measure your head to get an idea of your hat size.
2. Try it on. Although it will be snug, make sure the helmet feels comfortable.
3. Lift the helmet. With the chin strap secure, try lifting the helmet off. If it fits, it shouldn’t move no matter what you do.
4. Side to side shake. If the helmet moves, but your face doesn’t, then it’s too big.
5. Gaps. If you can get a finger in the space between your helmet and forehead, then it’s too big. If your helmet fits, you should not be able to insert any finger in the gaps.
6. Marks or pressure points. Are there any red marks or indentations indicating pressure points? If there are then the helmet is too small.

Buying online
When buying a motorcycle helmet, it’s possible to do this online. The problem is that you cannot try the helmet on before you buy it. You may end up with one that doesn’t fit. If you know your hat size, you should look for a website that has a size chart to find a helmet that’s right for you. You should also check what its returns policy is should the helmet not fit.

And Finally
When trying on a helmet to see if it fits correctly, it’s vital that you don’t try one that has already been involved in an accident. It is impossible for you to tell what damage there is to the inside of the helmet. A damaged helmet could decrease how well it would withstand the impact of another accident.

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