How to Get the Best Buy on Classic Car Parts

Buying classic car parts can be difficult.  They’re not always available locally, and some can even be hard to find online.  Then there are some auto parts places that raise the prices on these parts just because they’re only used in classic cars.

 Even having classic car insurance may not be enough to get all of these parts replaced if you need very specific, hard to find items.  But there are some ways you can get great buys on your parts.  Here are a few tips for finding the best prices on classic car pieces.

Forge a Relationship with a Local Dealer While buying online can be a great way to get those hard to find pieces, you don’t really have any type of relationship with the seller.  Instead, try finding a local seller to deal with.  Repeat customers, especially those who take the time to get to know the dealer, can often benefit from this relationship.  Some dealers may specialize in vintage car parts, and if they don’t have what you need, they may be willing to search for it.  They might not do this for just anyone, though, so it pays to be on their good side.

Make Friends Many classic car collectors have contacts in the auto parts market.  If you’re not sure where to go to find the parts you need, you can always ask these other collectors where they get their parts from.  They may know exactly who to call or what website to check out to find what you need.  You might also want to talk to those who fix vintage cars for a living or who repair cars as a hobby.  Even if they don’t specialize in older cars, they may still have contacts who can help you find the parts you need.

Join Online Groups There are a number of online groups focused on antique cars, and some are specifically aimed at those who like certain models.  Joining these groups is a good way of getting information about vintage cars and finding parts.

 You can also find out about things like where to purchase new classic cars or the best place to get antique car insurance, such as Leland West Insurance.  Even though you may not make personal connections with people this way, you can connect with people around the country or even world-wide, so it can be easier to find the parts you need.

You can also find many parts online through various retailers.  They may not always be cheap, but if you can’t find your items anywhere else, you may have to fall back on these sites.  You can also check online auction sites to see if the items you need are up for auction.

You may have to bid against others who need the same part, though, so be ready.  You might also find some sites that help you arrange swaps, so if you have some parts you don’t need, you may be able to trade them for ones you need.

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