AMW Trucks Striving To Modernize the Indian Trucking Arena!

AMW Trucks Striving To Modernize the Indian Trucking Arena!

The Indian Heavy Commercial Vehicles industry has witnessed a significant rise in demand since the last decade. With rapid industrialization and exponential development of the nation’s highway infrastructure, large scale industries are in the need of tippers and long haulers. This is where the name of Asian Motor Works or AMW trucks comes to the surface.

Located 34 km from Bhuj in Gujarat, stands the national production facility of AMW on the arid edges of the Kutch Desert. Beginning production in 2002, AMW rolled out its first truck in 2005. Since then, there has been no looking back with the company dwelling in more than 20 trims of HCVs in the subcontinent.

So, this article will throw light on the AMW truck variants and their respective specifications.

  • The Heavy Duties –

Built to endure all road conditions, these heavy weight haulers cater to large scale industries exclusively. While all variants under this line-up serve the BS III emission norms, the following vehicles comprise this segment.

  • 2516 & 3116 HL Cowl:

With a 6 cylinder inline engine displacing 5,883 cc, these trims offer customizable payload options ranging from fragile cargo to long distance carriers. Both variants generate 155 HP of power and 590 Nm of torque. More so, they come with a 400 litres fuel tank and provides an average fuel efficiency of 13-15kmpl.

This AMW truck finds usage as a liquid carrier dwelling predominantly in heavy weight transports. It generates 178 HP of power and similar torque values; while a semi-elliptical payload design aids hassle free conveyance from one location to another.

  • The Tippers –

Offering a total of 8 variants, these AMW trucks are designed to cater to irregular terrains. Borrowing the chassis and engine specs from its “heavy duty” counterparts; all models generate 178 HP of power and an impressive 695 Nm of torque.

Such torque values assist these 8 wheelers to climb steep gradients and offers fuel efficiency between 10-12 kmpl. The AMW tipper on road price instigates from the INR 31 lakh mark and escalates with corresponding trims.

  • Long Haulers and Special Purpose –

While AMW long haulers are extensively used for cross country transportations, its special purpose counterparts are manufactured to serve specific needs.

Significant deployments of special purpose trucks include portable cranes, cement mixers, fire engines as well as milk carriers.

AMW market reach & sales figures–

While Tata motors still leads sub-continental market share clocking at 44%, AMW shows promising prospects with a present market share of 22%. Leaving Ashok Leyland behind. Currently, it boasts of more than 2,000 showrooms and official outlets in the nation along with 500-600 service centres.

Considering AMW’s future prospects, the company looks to extend its market presence to the Tier B cities of India with another 1,000 outlets at least.

As of now, the company has sold more than 1,00,000 units in the last financial year. However, with the incorporation of BS IV norms and the advent of AC AMW trucks, this number shall witness a rise very soon.


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