Alternative Ways to Raise Cash for Your Charity Challenge

It seemed like such a great idea when you signed up. An opportunity to achieve a lifetime ambition at the same time as helping others. When you joined up all those months ago to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, trek to the South Pole, save the rhinos in South Africa or build a new village school in Thailand, the last thing on your mind was the fundraising.

Surely enough would come in through your charity page once you had flagged it to everyone you know and then some? The trouble is, with so many of us now signing on for these adventures and the current state of the economy, even your dear old gran may be strapped to sponsor more than a fiver. It is getting closer every day and you still need to raise some serious money for the trip.

 Help! Time to think creatively The old standbys like cake stands and car boot sales are not going to generate the sort of income you are looking for, for the amount of effort involved. In fact, there is nothing quite so depressing as lugging a load of junk to a car boot at some ungodly hour and returning home with it all unsold. Why not hold an event instead and sell tickets for it?

Everyone loves a party and a local hall is usually inexpensive to hire. Give your event a theme and get everyone in the spirit by having to dress up. That way, they get to enjoy themselves while helping your cause too.

Spring cleanathonVolunteer to help friends and family go through their wardrobes and cupboards with them and have a jolly good clear out. Everybody appreciates getting rid of his or her clutter and it makes it ten times easier and more motivating, if someone is there to help decide “keeper or charity?”

You can be the ruthless one as they switcher over whether to hang on to outdated garments. Your cause is more important. Once you have done this enough times, you will have much more to trade in that you would have done by just sorting your own. Ring up a clothes collection for cash place, get it paid in and there’s another rise in the bar toward your intended target.

Go back to school Lots of schools now allow their pupils a non-uniform day in return for a coin donation to a charity. Why not contact your old head teacher and suggest this for your expedition? In return you can agree to give a talk to the assembly. The kids get educated in the charity that is close to your heart and it is only going to take up twenty minutes of your time. In a large school this could provide a real boost to your coffers.

Do not miss obvious opportunities. If everyone at your gym knows you are training for a specific challenge, leave a collecting tin at reception. There will be clients and customers coming in and out at different times of day who may not know you from Adam, but appreciate what you are trying to do and would want to help.

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