A Guide to Choosing Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

An Introduction Means of transportation has been the building block of civilization; it has helped man travel from one place to another, explore the untouched territories and expand his presence far and wide. Cars, buses, trains, and bikes are some of the most common forms of transportation that are used on a day-to-day basis.

A recent research shows that more than half of the everyday journeys made in cars are less than 5 miles, this distance can be easily covered with the help of an electric bike without the stress of maneuvering your way through the traffic and undergoing the most difficult job of finding a place to park. Electric bikes or E-Bikes make your travel comfortable, enjoyable and hassle-free at the same time. In addition to helping you stay independent, electric bikes also have several other advantages. These bikes help in conserving energy, and are cheap and economical too.

Factors to be considered

 Before buying an electric bike, it is essential to spend a good amount of time to understand and learn about its important components such as battery type, motor size, amp hours etc. It is worth your effort and time because you would be spending considerable amount of money to purchase an electric bike of your choice.

Test Drive

This is one of the most effective ways to make the right choice, it is also considered to be the best way to compare different models of e-bikes. Many places offer e-bike rental services. Take a relaxed trip to your favorite location or just ride around the city to get the feel of the bike.

Think about your trip

This aspect is helpful in deciding the requirements of the e-bike. Consider factors such as where you would be driving the bike (hilly/rough/smooth terrain), type of loads, the need for cross over or step through bikes, and the purpose you would use it for -long range commuting or for recreation.

Reason for purchase

Identify the typical reason behind your purchase, whether it is to save money, time or for getting fitter physique. Adjustability – You should always be comfortable to change the different positions of your bike, like lowering the seat or tilting the angle, adjusting the cross bars etc. Nothing is more aggravating than owning a bike that is difficult to adjust.

Customer support and spare parts availability

Purchase branded bikes and that which have standard gauge bicycle features offering you the flexibility of replacing most parts except the core ones at any bike shop.


The weight of the vehicle is an important factor, since there would be times during you may have to lift and maneuver the bike. Traditional bikes weigh heavier than the conventional ones. There are many light weight models which offer the same comfort along with several other features.


Choose batteries that would offer at least a minimum of 20 mile range along with comparatively less recharge time, since even the best batteries will lose efficiency as the years pass by. Storage – How you store your bike plays an important role in its maintenance. This will also help you choose a bike according to the amount of wear and tear.

Electric Bike kit

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